Lincoln 2016-2017 Athetic Calendar

Directions to Schools / Parks

Lincoln Intermediate School will be offering 6th, 7th and 8th grade students the following athletic activities: Cross Country, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Wrestling, Track and Field, co-ed Volleyball and Pom Pons. Football is offered exclusively through the West Allis-West Milwaukee Recreation Department. These programs offer a fun learning experience during a competitive athletic season. 

Students who wish to participate must complete the following requirements:

  1. Participating students must have a physical form on file with the Athletic Director of their school (see Athletic Forms). 
  2. Each participating student must pay an athletic fee of $25 and fill out this registration (turn in to Athletic Director). This money will go directly to the athletic program for uniforms, transportation costs, team participation fees, equipment, umpires, referees and officials, and other supplies that are required.  Fee’s may be paid through Infinite Campus (see attached direction sheet), a check payable to Lincoln Intermediate School, or cash paid to the Athletic Director. 
  3. Participating students and their parents must read the Concussion Information Sheet and sign the Concussion Form (see Athletic Forms).
  4. Participating students and their parents must read, sign, and hand in the Athletic Code Form (see Athletic Forms).
  5. Student athletes will receive a Student Handbook from their Coach that outlines particular information about the sport. 

If you have any questions please call the Lincoln's Athletic Director: Ms. Heather Townsend at 414-604-3200 ext.6376